Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Testimonials

Manja Kind | Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Testimonials

I enjoyed the inca trail very much. it was hard, but nice people and our guide José and always friendly porters made it very worthwhile Jose told us the stones about the inca’s with a lot of enthousiasin. it’s surprising how he can still bese guiding uith such good spirit after more or less 200 tours on the inca trail.
the food very good it was like eating a restaurant 3 times a day.
amazing whait they can do afterninning up and down the mountains with such a load on their backs.we went throngh a lot of rain, the 3th day, did very tongh climbing on a high altitude the 2th day, ran ant of money, the 4th day, and clinbed and hiked in thoud food a watter but that’s what makes you feel good about yourself that you did it. Also te arrival at Machu Picchu wit the sun shining again and a condor flying over was very rewarding.
The nature around a us changed all the time knowiing about inka life and their love for nature montains was very interesthing. after all looking back at it is a very good memory.


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