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The Island of Taquile is one of the many islands that make up the Titicaca circuit. This island is located in Puno and has a total area of ​​11 square kilometers. The Island of Taquile has a population of just over two thousand people, descendants of an ancestral community that, even today, preserves many of its ancient customs.

The town of Taquile is an essentially agricultural community that takes advantage of the benign climate of the territory and the water resources of the Titicaca to improve its production. The main attraction of the island is concentrated in experiential tourism, based on contact with the customs and tasks of the people who live there. Living with the people of Taquile, will allow the traveler to know the different rites and beliefs that their people possess, and thus to value the hills of Taquile that, for its inhabitants, are seen as Apus protectors, and therefore, obligatory places to visit , as well as Andean rituals, especially tribute to the Pachamama.

One of the main places in Taquile where payments are made to the Earth is Mulsina, to which everyone who passes through Taquile has to go, to pay homage to the sacred Pachamama. In Taquile, there are also archaeological tourist sites, such as ruins of Inca origin; along with natural sites for recreation such as the Huayllano and Collata beaches, where in the latter it is possible to find petroglyphs.

In Taquile Island there is also a Plaza de Armas, around which artisans gather to offer visitors the different jobs they perform. Anyone who wants to take a physical souvenir from Taquile should know that they can buy different textile products, as well as different postcards.

Whoever wants to know the festive spirit of the Island and live with its people during the days of celebration, can visit the town, especially during its Folkloric Fair that takes place between the last week of July and the first week of August, and where They present different interpretations of traditional dances.

If you are interested in visiting Taquile, no one better than your own people to guide and host you. Coordinate with the local authorities of Taquile so that they assign you a place to stay and a villager as a guide during your visit in this beautiful place of Puno.

To get to Taquile you must buy your ticket by boat in the Taquile boathouse located in the Port of Puno. You can choose between accessing public or private transport that will transfer you through the beautiful Lake Titicaca to the Island. Usually the boats leave between 8 and 8:30 in the morning, if you choose the community boat, the price in average of this is 20 soles and counts as round trip, valid for fifteen days. If you want a place to eat in Taquile, there is the Community dining room, whose income is aimed at the welfare and improvement of the island's services, as well as the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

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Best Season:May, June, July, August
Popular Location: Omg River Region

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