The department of Lima is located in the central part of Peru and is located on the Peruvian coast. Its capital is Lima. The climate varies according to the proximity to the coast. The summer goes from December to March and from June to September the winter, which is 100% humid, with drizzles, mists and permanent cloudiness. But the districts near the sierra have an opposite climate.
It borders on the north with Ancash, on the south with Ica, on the west with Callao and on the east with Pasco, Junín and Huánuco.

More than 400 years ago, during the Viceroyalty, it was called Ciudad de los Reyes. It is said that the founder of Lima imposed on the nascent capital the magical name of City of Kings because it coincided with the date when the Magi went to Bethlehem, just as the governor and his companions were searching the sandy areas between Pachacámac and Lima the ideal place to establish the new capital.

The best tourist destinations in Lima

Historical Center of the City of Lima
The city of Lima, also known as the city of the Kings, has a variety of attractions, especially the Historical Center of Lima, since it is possible to appreciate the beautiful and majestic Lima Virreynal. Here are some of the most important attractions:

Temple and Convent Santo Domingo
It is the oldest convent and for its architectural features is one of the most harmonious corners of the city. It is conformed by a succession of cloisters and patios around which are distributed service areas and community stays. To the right of its main altar are the remains of Santa Rosa de Lima, San Martin de Porres and Blessed Juan Masias.

San Martin Plaza
Plaza San Martín is one of the most representative public spaces in the city of Lima. It is located in block 9 of Colmena Avenue in the historic center of Lima within the area declared in 1988 by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In the surroundings of the Plaza San Martín we can find other attractions such as: The National Club, the Teatro Colón, The Hotel Bolívar, the Jirón Jilca, the statue of the Three Graces, the Portal of Pumacahua and the Monument of San Martín.

Andrés del Castillo Museum
The Andrés del Castillo Museum is located a few steps from Plaza San Martin, and since 2008 has been one of the most important collections of minerals in America.

We enjoy one of the largest varieties of minerals in the world. Therefore, this site is a tribute to our wealth. Here we will find real pieces of collection, crystallized minerals of admirable beauty, in form and color, only possible by nature's work. From native minerals, to sulfides, silicates, oxides, tungstates and others.

Also, the museum gives space to a permanent exhibition on Chancay, a human settlement that developed on the central coast, between the years 900 to 1500 AD. Sculpture pieces of which Cuchimilcos stand out, anthropomorphic characters used in funerary rituals are exhibited. The last room is called "Clothing of Ancient Peru", where we can appreciate the different attires used by pre-Hispanic cultures.

Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy
It is located in block 6 of the jirón de la Unión, between the intersection of Calle la Merced and Jesús Nazareno Street, in the Historic Center of Lima.

The façade is a finished sample of the churrigueresque baroque style of Lima and in its central part the image of the Virgin of the Mercedes appears in a niche, around which others are arranged. In the interior it keeps altarpieces of diverse styles and sculptures paintings considered jewels of the viceregal art. The main altar is less ornate than the others, completely gilded with fire. In the central part, the effigy of Nuestra Señora de la Merced stands out, an image that since 1615 was invoked as the heavenly protector of the City.

The Park of the Wall
We can find it on the left bank of the traditional Rimac river in Lima, in the avenues Alfonso Ugarte, Paseo Colon and Grau. The old wall was built around the city to protect it from pirates and attacks by the enemies of the Spanish crown in the seventeenth century. The presence of 300 lineal meters of this and a museum of site that exhibits the archaeological pieces found in the area, give a cultural and historical character to the leisure center.

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    The cathedral is located in the Plaza de Armas of Lima, near the Government Palace and the Municipal Palace.
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