Tipon an emblematic sample of the hydraulic wisdom Inca we emphasize Tipón, town located to 23 km to the Southeast of Cusco, to an altitude of 3,560 msnm, located in the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis, was a greater shrine where it was rendered cult to the water with the care and veneration that the Incas treated to this element. This complex has been distinguished by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE for its acronym in English) as a marvel of Civil Engineering. Respect for the natural environment and the technology used to mobilize the waters of the springs are a model of hydraulic engineering at the service of man and nature.

It stands out that it is the only Inca complex that is in perfect operation.

The renowned Peruvian historian Dr. Luis Antonio Pardo, believes that the current name of Tipon can derive from the Quechua word Tuxeuj, which means "to be boiling" and that refers to the fact that the water springs from the springs as if the liquid was boiling . This name was assigned in modern times, because the original name was another.

The historian from Cuzco, Víctor Angles, maintains that Tipón could have been the Royal House of Yahuar Huaca, who retired to this place, after having forsaken Cusco during the attack of the hardened Chancas. Huiracocha, his son, confronted the invaders and defeated them by triumphantly entering Cusco, being crowned Inca instead of his father.

The mestizo chronicler, Garcilaso dela Vega, relates: "Which gave rise to the determination of the son, because he felt inclined to his desire the whole court, which was the head of the kingdom; and to avoid scandals and civil wars and particularly because he could no longer do so, he consented to everything the prince wanted to do with him. With this agreement they later drew a real house, between the narrowness of Muyna and Quepicancha, in a pleasant place (that all that valley is it), with all the gift and delights that could be imagined of orchards and gardens and other real hunting entertainments and fishery; that to the east of the house the Yucay river passes by and many streams that enter it ". Angles assumes that the place identified by Garcilaso corresponds to Tipón.

The Watanay River passes near Tipón and from it two streams that surround the whole complex are detached, these could be the streams that the Inca chronicler talks about. Another similarity with this complex, are the platforms that would correspond to the twelve embankments currently existing in the place.

This admirable Inca recreation is located on a highly irregular surface. In the times of the Incario there were no flat or horizontal lands, everything was modified by the hard-working inhabitants of Tahuantinsuyo to the satisfaction of its veteran and lackluster monarch.

The main sectors that make up Tipón are:

Beautiful rooms and gardens built on the base of megalithic stone blocks constituted the Royal House that Huiracocha had built as a home for his father Yahuar Huaca. This is the most beautiful and wide group of the complex, has beautiful fountains and gutters that until today continue to pour water, which emerges from mysterious and secret underground channels.

An ovoid construction like a tower is located south of the platforms. From this place you can see the whole ravine with a breathtaking view.

The Incas reached an impressive development in their architecture and especially in their hydraulic constructions. There is no archaeological group, where the admirable conduction and distribution of the water is not appreciated, in such a way that the lack of the liquid element was not a problem, moreover some of them still serve to supply the population that inhabits the area at the moment.



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