Archaeological Complex of Mauk'allaqta
The Archaeological Complex of Mauk'allaqta, (In Quechua) also called Maukallaqta or Maucallaqta (According to the criterion of the writer) is one of the tourist attractions of the Paccaritambo district.
District Paccaritambo within the province of Paruro, in the department of Cusco. This archaeological complex has in its territory pre-Hispanic buildings that are located on the slopes of a hill.

Among the different buildings that have been registered in this archaeological complex, a large chullpa stands out, so it is often said that the site would have been a necropolis, or city of the dead. The great chullpa that draws attention in the complex has a height that exceeds 3 meters, and is built on the basis of a fine masonry, so it is believed that it could have been the final resting place of a great lord.

The presence of chullpas abounds in the site, but there are also other constructions such as temples, as well as vestiges of squares and patios, distributed in the three sections that comprise this interesting archaeological complex.

The Archaeological Complex of Mauk'allaqta is also important for the annual celebration that takes place in the place and that is known as the Mauk'allaqta Autonomous Dance Festival "; that is celebrated in the month of June and includes, in addition to the dance competitions where traditional dances of the region are performed, the interpretation of the appearance of the Ayar brothers in Cusco.


Location in Archaeological Complex of Mauk'allaqta

Region Cusco

Province Paruro

District Paccaritambo

Latitude -14.4707

Length -72.0052 A

ltitude 4174 masl

Weather in Archaeological Complex of Mauk'allaqta

The climate is of tropical type, its types of inter-Andean valleys that by their configuration create micro climates that make agriculture very diverse, with temperate and frigid climates.

Temperature.- The average monthly temperature is 14.09 ºC, reaching in the summer at 21.8 ºC. in winter it is 17.06ºC with minimum temperatures of 3.5ºC.

Precipitation.-In the province, as in the rest of the department of Cusco, rainfall occurs between the months of December to April, during which 75% of the precipitation occurs; and a dry season that occurs between May and September.

Relative Humidity.-The relative humidity of the area is 54.6%, reaching 70% in summer and 24% in winter.

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