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Lares district is one of the eight districts of the Province of Calca, in the Department of Cusco, under the administration of the regional government of Cuzco.

The Province of Calca from the point of view of the ecclesiastical hierarchy is included in the Archdiocese of Cusco.


Officially, the district of Lares was created on June 21, 1825 by decree given by the Liberator Simón Bolívar. RAMÓN CASTILLA President of the Republic

Therefore: The Congress has the following law: The Congress of the Peruvian Republic: The peoples have both the best guaranteed rights and the closest to the capital of the Province to which they correspond;

That the District of Lares is closer to the capital of the Province of Calca, one that previously belonged, than to that of La Convención, to which it is added later;

Has given the following law:
Sole Art.- Join the Province of Calca of the District of Lares, which was previously included in it and after being added to the Convention.

Communicate to the Executive Power so that it arranges the necessary to its fulfillment.

Given in Lima to May 18, 1861.

Miguel del Carpio, President of the Senate - Antonio Arenas President of the Chamber of Deputies - José H. Cornejo, Secretary of the Senate. - Evaristo Gómez Sánchez, Deputy Secretary.

To His Excellency. Mr. President of the Republic.

Therefore: command is printed, published and circulated and given time compliance

Given at the Government House in Lima on May 22, 1861.

RAMON CASTILLA - Manuel Morales.

Useful information about Hot Springs of Lares


Hot Springs of Lares

Location in Hot Springs of Lares

Cusco Region

Calca Province

Lares District

Latitude -13.1109

Length -72.0563

Altitude 3256 meters above sea level

Today's climate in Lares Hot Springs

Temperature 43 ° C

Humidity 60%

Condition Clear

Wind 5 mph O


The capital is the town of Lares, located at 3,171 meters above sea level.

Tourism in Thermal Waters of Lares (Nature)

Medical tourism is a type of tourism that has gradually acquired a greater number of followers, and has in the Peruvian territory an impressive range of resources to choose from, since if there is something that abounds in all regions of the country , these are the sources that, in addition to relaxing and relieving the visitor of stress, are capable of alleviating any suffering they may have.

The Thermal Baths of Lares, are one of these thermomedicinal resources that the traveler will be able to enjoy when going to a region like Cusco. These thermal baths, as the name suggests, are located in the district of Lares, which is located in the province of Calca.

The Thermal Baths of Lares are formed by a group of four swimming pools. These are fed by water that is tempered to different degrees. The temperature of Lares thermal pools fluctuates between 36 ° C and 44 ° C and the pools have dimensions between 17 m2 and 120 m2, with depths that do not exceed one and a half meters, making it suitable for a greater number of visitors.

These thermal baths are visited by the properties that present their waters, which in addition to offering comfort and relief from stress are capable of alleviating certain ailments. This is achieved thanks to the waters of these Thermal Baths of Lares are fed by minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, among many others, which together allow to fight diseases such as arthritis , osteoporosis, in addition to contributing to the rehabilitation of broken bones, combat muscular problems, stomach, among many others.

To get to the Thermal Baths of Lares, the visitor has to travel from the city of Cusco to Calca, this tour can take about an hour and a half, and can be done in a public bus, this usually charges approximately S / 4.00 per passenger. Already in Calca a combi is taken in two hours to leave it in the district of Lares, the cost of this vehicle usually does not exceed S / 10.00. From Lares you should only continue on foot for approximately 1 km to the thermal baths. This last tour can be completed in just fifteen minutes, depending on the physical conditions of the visitor, if you wish you can also rent a taxi. Those who visit the Thermal Baths of Lares should keep in mind that the only tourist infrastructure that exists in the place are the hot springs, and that the nearest services can only be found in the city of Calca and Lares, despite these drawbacks, the environment The Lares Thermal Baths are more than suitable for camping, so the traveler will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these waters for longer. To access the thermal baths of Lares, the visitor has to make a payment whose cost ranges between S / 3.00 and S / 5.00. The visits to these thermal baths can be done at any time of the day.

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Best Season:Summer, Winter
Popular Location: Guildford, Stone Henge
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