Ausangate (Awsanqati in Quechua)
Ausangate (Ausangate in Quechua) is the fifth highest mountain in Peru, its maximum altitude is 6,384 meters above sea level. It is located about 100 kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco.


For the mountain named Kiswarniyuq or Ausangate in the Marcapata District, Quispicanchi Province, Cusco Region, Peru, see Kiswarniyuq.

The western face of Ausangate Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 6,384 m (20,945 ft)
Prominence 2,085 metres (6,841 ft)
Isolation 245.69 kilometres (152.66 mi)
Coordinates 13°47′19″S 71°13′52″WCoordinates: 13°47′19″S 71°13′52″W
Ausangate is located marcapata district
Location Cusco Region, Peru
Parent range Andes, Vilcanota mountain range
Ausangate or Auzangate (in hispanicized spellings) is a mountain of the Vilcanota mountain range in the Andes of Peru. With an elevation of 6,384 metres it is situated around 100 kilometres southeast of Cusco in the Cusco Region, Canchis Province, Pitumarca District, and in the Quispicanchi Province, Ocongate District.

The mountain has significance in Incan mythology.

Every year the Quyllur Rit'i (Quechua for "star snow") festival which attracts thousands of Quechua pilgrims is celebrated about 20 km north of the Ausangate at the mountain Qullqipunku. It takes place one week before the Corpus Christi feast.

The region is inhabited by llama and alpaca herding communities, and constitutes one of the few remaining pastoralist societies in the world. High mountain trails are used by these herders to trade with agricultural communities at lower elevations. Currently, one of these trails, "the road of the Apu Ausangate", is one of the most renowned treks in Peru.

The area has four major geological features, the Andean uplift formed by Granits, the hanging glaciers and glacial erosional valleys, the Permian formation with its singular colors: red, ochre, and turquoise and the Cretaceous, limestone forests.

marcapata district
marcapata district is one of the twelve districts of the Province of Quispicanchi, located in the Department of Cusco, under the administration of the regional government of Cusco. It is famous and well known for its thermal baths (the hottest in Peru).

The district was created by Law of January 20, 1869, given in the government of President José Balta.

Its capital, the town of Marcapata, which is located at 3,150 meters above sea level.

Tourist Attractions in Ausangate

The Mountain of Seven Colors or Viñicunca

The Thermal Baths Mountain Tour

Trek Known As the Apu Ausangate

The Holy Cross.
Corpus Christi
San Francisco de Asis.

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Best Season:All Year
Popular Location: Ausangante

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Ausangate Trek 7 days
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AUSANGATE TREK 7 DAYS Introducction: ausangate trek 7 days is an adventure that takes us around the apu who gives us all its beauty and shelter AUSANGATE Located over the oriental heart of the Andes, situated in the Cusco south, Ausangate…

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    Ausangate Trek
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    AUSANGATE TREK Introducction: Ausangate Trek an adventure trek designed for a smoother and leisurely hike in the remote place of Ausangate. This trek takes us truly off the beaten path, from the most iconic snow-capped mountain in the Vilcanota Range,…

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      VINICUNCA Full day

      Vinicunca It is curious to know that. Vinicunca,, like its many colors, is also called in many ways among the best known are: Vinicunca, Mountain of Seven Colors, Rainbow Mountain, Mountain of Colors, Hill of the Seven Colors, Cerro Colorado.…

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